What is the typical monthly fee and what does that include?

An average monthly fee is $300 and that includes full service bookkeeping, a 1 hour meeting each month, as well as unlimited email support.  But of course, a full consultation is recommended to determine accurate pricing.

Are there any other fees involved for software or any other subscriptions?

No, the fixed monthly fee includes everything you need to customize your solution.

Why do you work on a fixed monthly fee rather than hourly like other bookkeepers do?

This is a great question!  As technology improves and software does more and more of the day to day stuff, it allows us to offer a more consultative approach.  Plus, it allows the business owner to really know what they are going to pay month to month.  There are no surprises, especially when there is more time involved during tax season.  We always want the client to be fully aware of what they are being charged for, and not afraid to ask us to do anything out of the ordinary.

Can you help me with other parts of my business like ways to reduce expenses or increase sales?

Absolutely, we are always looking for ways to help improve a client’s bottom line.  That is one of the advantages to the consultative model.  We will always be on the lookout for ways to save money, as well as way to increase revenue.

Do you give a referral credit if I refer other business owners to you?

Yes!  We have a referral program that will give you half off your next monthly fee for every business owner who decides they want to work with us.  The more you refer, the more money your save!