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Is a bookkeeper
really a good hire?

Is hiring a bookkeeper a worthwhile investment? | Watch My Green

There are two ways to look at this.

One, life is short. There are a thousand things you could be doing that you find more engaging than organizing receipts. In fact, there are thousand things you could be doing just in your business that make better use of your talents. A good bookkeeper can free up that time. 

Two, life is short! Think of all the things you still want to do. Travel? Buy investment property? Launch another business? A good bookkeeper can find the money opportunities in your current venture. More money means more freedom to pursue your next dream. Who can say no to that?


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Not just logging what you spend.

Historically, bookkeeping has taken a very passive, backward-looking role in a business.

For big dreams, though, it's not enough to track your mileage and hold on to your receipts. If you want to grow, you need to "get" money... or know someone who does. You need proactive advice that is forward-looking.

Every moment you spend running the numbers is a moment you're not coaching your team or making sales. Want that time back? | Watch My Green


Look, you are really good a what you do. Your patients love you and refer you like crazy because you help them live better lives.

Work with Watch My Green to free up the time you spend managing the books so you can spend more time with your patients, or with your family, and grow your business.

Are you just getting by in your creative career? A good bookkeeper can help you meet your long term goals, from a 4-hour work week to bandwidth to travel and hire top-notch experts in your business. | Watch My Green

Startups & Creative Ventures

Right-brained or left-brained? Is money something you know you need to level-up but struggle to understand? Do you see influencers just 2-5 years further ahead in your industry and wonder, "How do they do it?" One word: Bookkeeping.

Let's find the unique way your ideas can make it to the next level. Let's find the money in your business.

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Everything In Between

Every business has books to manage. Every business has bills to pay. Every business has a few headaches that have to do with keeping up and moving forward.

Don't feel guilty or stressed about off-loading that burden. Delegating and outsourcing are key to time management, and time is precious when you run a business. We can help!

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No, really. It's free.


You can hop on video chat, or sit down with a bookkeeping expert at your business or your coffee shop of choice, for a full hour, and just talk about your financial frustrations and dreams. You can get feedback, insights, and ideas— for the whopping cost of $0. 

Don't know exactly what you need for services to manage your money? We will know. Need to start small? Not a problem. Can only afford a free hour right now? Let Watch My Green show you how to get to the place where you can hire out the "advanced" stuff. For real. It's free.