Get it off your plate.

You don't always realize how many ways you have to manage money in your business until you sit down and try to do it all at once. Below are some of the money tasks Watch My Green can start taking off your plate.

Balancing your business checkbook is the first step in understanding your company's financials. | Watch My Green

Bank Reconciliation (i.e., Balancing Your Checkbook)

Our clients have used words like "tedious," "arduous," and "menial" to describe bank reconciliation. Not to mention, depending on the number of transactions, it can take a while to do.

We can reconcile as many bank accounts as you choose to work with. We will categorize each one of your transactions and make sure that all your money is accounted for. Let us do those tasks for you so you can focus on your business.

Enjoy monthly calls with your bookkeeper to understand the top-down view of your money. It saves you time, but keeps you in control. | Watch My Green

Financial Statements (with Monthly Calls!)

We provide you with a Balance Sheet, Income Statement (also know as Profit and Loss), as well as a Statement of Cash Flows on a monthly basis.  More importantly, each month, in a one hour phone session, we offer sound advice on how to bring more profit to your bottom line.

These reports are great by themselves, but sometimes they just get filed away on your computer.  We want to make sure that the information is useful to your business and helping you get to where you want to go.

Benchmarking is comparing your business expenses and revenue with that of same-industry businesses of similar models and size. | Watch My Green

Budgeting and Benchmarking

It can sometimes take another trained eye to look at reports and see where a business can improve its financial standing.

Budgeting is an essential planning tool that can be hard to keep up with. Benchmarking is comparing your business results to a standardized performance goal or number—not just "apples to apples" but "red delicious to red delicious"—so you can gauge whether you're on the right track. We can help you with both. 

Do you want to be able to understand your financials on a deeper level, so that you can scale without feeling out of control? Hire Watch My Green.

Financial Coaching

We utilize the concepts from The Financial Fitness Program from Life Leadership.

This program has helped thousands of consumers and businesses take hold of their financial lives (including our own).  We will speak more about this in our consultation.

By the way, The Financial Fitness Program is a great BENEFIT you can offer your employees that can add real value to their lives.

Get ready for your accountant to applaud. General housekeeping from Watch My Green will mean end-of-year and end-of-season wrap-up is easy! | Watch My Green

General Housekeeping

Okay, we're not going to dust your knickknacks or vacuum your floors.  We will, however, get your books squared away and cleaned up so that your accountant won’t yell at you anymore when you come in with a shoe box full of receipts at the end of the year!


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