Hello. My name is Justin.

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I am the father of 3 handsome boys, husband to an amazing and supportive wife, and the founder of Watch My Green.

For more than twelve years, I've gotten to serve all kinds of consumers and small businesses as a banking and bookkeeping professional. Believe it or not, talking with big and small businesses about their numbers gets me excited! 


I like to think that my own love for tracking money invigorates others to become more financially fit. We all want to be fiscally fit, but most of us have learned to think of money as something dry and painful. At Watch My Green, we've unlearned that way of thinking, and we can help you do that, too.

Wouldn't you like to be more present with your own because you don't take "money stuff" home at night?

Wouldn't you like to be more present with your own because you don't take "money stuff" home at night?

A Consult that Doesn't Cost Anything

Imagine sitting down for a cup of coffee with a fellow businessman, and painting a picture for where you see your company going. Now imagine that businessman seeing your vision in math you didn't even know existed, showing you habits to shift to make the vision a reality—and offering to take the bigger or more tedious items off your plate. Sounds good, doesn't it?

That's what the low-pressure consultations with Watch My Green are like. They're not dry. They're not critical. They're not condescending or tedious or full of money jargon that puts your brain to sleep. They're fun, they're no obligation, and they cost $0. So let's get that coffee date on the calendar!  


Who do we work with?

Although we likely can contribute value to any business, we specialize in three kinds in particular.

Sporting Industry Professionals

Money management shouldn't steal time from doing what you love. Take that weight off your day. Let us help.

Creative Entrepreneurs & Influencers

Rapid growth depends on forward-thinking financials. Let us work with you to find opportunities in your business. 


Every moment you spend managing your books is a moment not serving your patients and doing what you love. Let's change that.